Full Name
Caitlin Bataillon
Job Title
Supervisory Intelligence Analyst, Cyber Security for Healthcare Sector
Federal Bureau of Investigation, Cyber Division
Speaker Bio
Caitlin Bataillon is the Supervisory Intelligence Analyst (SIA) for FBI Cyber Division’s (CyD) new critical infrastructure intelligence team, which provides a cross-programmatic focus on cyber threats to critical infrastructure to inform potential victims and address the FBI’s collection and domain intelligence needs. Bataillon became an SIA in 2017 after three years as the only embedded intelligence analyst in CyD’s Cyber Operational Engagement Section (COES). She helped establish COES in response to Presidential Policy Directive 21, which called for a national effort to strengthen and maintain the security of US critical infrastructure through enhanced information-sharing between the Federal Government and the private sector. Bataillon was responsible for fostering information-sharing partnerships between CyD and the Healthcare and Public Health, Emergency Services, and Commercial Facilities Sectors. She devised CyD’s strategy to enhance visibility on cyber threats through private sector partnerships and developed sector-specific intelligence resources intended to enhance private sector engagements at the local, FBI field office level. Prior to COES, Bataillon provided strategic analytic support to CyD geopolitical and cyberterrorism programs for four years. She earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Texas Christian University and a master’s in criminal justice, with a concentration in criminal behavioral analysis, from the University of Cincinnati.
Caitlin Bataillon