Full Name
DeWayne Duff
Job Title
Special Agent, Computer Crime Investigator
Air Force Office of Investigators
Speaker Bio
Special Agent DeWayne Duff currently serves as the senior Digital Forensic Consultant (DFC) of the United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), where he conducts comprehensive computer and network forensic examinations in support of criminal, counterintelligence and security investigations.

DeWayne initially ventured into the world of computer forensics as an additional duty while serving in South Korea in 1994. During a security related consultation with administrators of a base email server, DeWayne was inadvertently responsible for the first login banner on USAF networks (see US v. Monroe). After this landmark case, contributing to the beginning of login banners across the military and civilian world, he was recruited as a full time Computer Crime Investigator (CCI) in 1998, where he was selected to serve as AFOSI's first imbedded liaison officer with the Air Force Computer Emergency Response Team (AFCERT).

DeWayne spent several years heavily engaged in network forensics and incident response, and was selected for additional assignments, eventually retiring from active duty and returning as a civilian Special Agent. His 33 year career (to date) spans duties ranging from conducting investigations, to supervising, training, mentoring and recruiting Special Agents, providing strategic guidance and operational oversight to cyber agents across the country and in Europe and Asia.

When not involved in forensicating, DeWayne's interests include guitar, PC-based gaming, shooting, hunting, writing, and administering "Learning Korean!", a FaceBook group with over 50k members.