Full Name
Neil Carmichael
Job Title
Insider Threat Program Manager
National Archives and Records Administration
Speaker Bio
Mr. Neil C. Carmichael, Jr. is currently the National Archives and Records Administration‘s
Insider Threat Program Manger. As the Insider Threat Program Manager, Neil formulates policy,
best practices, and procedures on mitigating the loss of classified or sensitive information as
required by Executive Order 13587. He works in concert with representatives from information
assurance and security to ensure that the National Archives provides the appropriate protective
measures on valued assets and information Neil has a wealth of experience through his past work
at the Information Security Oversight Office where he was immersed in practices related to
national security information with federal agencies to include the White House, Department of
State, Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community. Neil’s most recent position was
in the National Declassification Center where he served as the Director of the Indexing and
Declassification Review Division. While in the NDC, Neil represented both NARA internal
partners and external partners in NATO-related matters to include attending annual NATO
Archives Committee meetings and had led several NATO Archival working groups with our
Allies on the streamlining of NATO’s Public Disclosure Program. Before coming to the National
Archives and Records Administration, Neil served in the United States Army and worked at the
Department of State. Mr. Carmichael holds a B.A. degree in History from the University College
University of Maryland.
Neil Carmichael