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R&K Cyber Solutions LLC
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Mr. Joseph Carter has been a leading authority in the IT and cyber intelligence sector for more than 15 years, and today serves as Chief Executive Officer of the leading and award winning R&K Cyber Solutions LLC and Founder & Chairman of Lenvio Inc. Applying cyber solutions that maximize security in the digital era, Mr. Carter understands better than most the challenges required for eliminating unsafe cyber situations in the public, private or governmental sector.

With an unwavering commitment to his client’s security and Information, Mr. Carter is well known for designing, developing and implementing cyber security solutions thus applying a powerful combination of technical qualifications coupled with project management and quality improvement skills. Having spearheaded countless projects specifically within the DoD and Federal Government in addition to successfully supporting critical missions for the United States Navy while serving as an Operations Specialist, he maintains a solid track record for directing and managing product installations and system improvements, earning him a reputation for dependably steering clients in the right direction. Meeting a diversity of needs for clients both public and private, he achieves bottom line results in advanced technology and business solutions taking into account Business Intelligence.

Adding to his long line of credits, Mr. Carter received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Strayer University. He also earned an array of certifications that have greatly enhanced his expertise and credibility such as the CIO certificate for the Carnegie Mellon University Chief Information Officer Institute. Through dynamic leadership and exceptional decision-making efforts, Joseph Carter consistently demonstrates knowledge and attention to detail in every cyber solution project, instilling confidence at every turn. Balancing security requirements with business imperatives, he remains steadfast in his adherence to the highest standards of his industry.

Mr. Carter directs his passion for assisting the community tackle todays cyber problems through both innovation and public service. Mr. Carter currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Northern Virginia Workforce Development and Serves as an Industry Advisor to both the Bowie State University Computer Science Board and Dept. of Education for the State of Virginia. Understanding that our most precious recourse is human capital and not technology Mr. Carter understands that improvements in the Cyber workforce and bridging the gap between academia and industry is a problem that requires all of our support.