"John, truly your meeting today was unique in that it was small, allowed for intimate conversation, personalized networking, as well as highly educational into what’s happening now among leaders.
Very good success!
I’m telling others at the around my office." Anonymous
"I have had the privilege of attending, and presenting at, the Green House Group’s (GHG) “Mitigating the Insider (Cyber) Threat” series.  I was especially glad to attend GHG’s recent “Women in Cyber” panel.  The presenters were all cyber security industry leaders ranging from large corporations to non-profits to government and major government contractors.  They addressed the primary challenge to cyber security: people working with data and information inside an organization. Common cyber security vulnerabilities were identified and discussed with practical strategies to prevent future cyber security incidents including increasing the number and effectiveness of cyber security professionals within organizations. It was very interesting, helpful in my work, and fun. I look forward to attending the next one!"  Linda V. Priebe, JD, CIPP/EU Culhane Meadows PLLC, Washington, DC
"The Women in Cybersecurity talk presented an innovative discussion on the corporate, government and academic challenges in cybersecurity and risk management.  What made this discussion groundbreaking and fascinating, TED-Talk like, was how each panelist in her own right could have easily delivered a key note on any number of subjects discussed, elaborating on cybersecurity technology, tools, standards across domains, and critical infrastructure etc., but what we shared and exchanged with savvy audience was a collective mantra, a level of superior game changing insights.  The panelist shared experiences and knowledge beyond technology, discussing significant approaches, culture, and communications.  We each seem to understand how easy and repetitive it would be to discuss the engineering alternatives, A-BAC, R-BAC, embedded systems, crypto, software defined networks, and tenant defined container growth, or the role of data residency and arbitration and rules, but instead we each seem to instinctively know is that the technology is there, but the leadership, people, culture, training and hiring aspects of cybersecurity is what will meet and deliver on the global challenges of cybersecurity.  It's clear, women in cybersecurity have unique perspectives and experiences that can deliver beyond technology, a needed paridigm shift.   "Pamela J, President/Chair
Institute for Critical Infrastructure and Innovation, Inc

"I want send thanks to the GreenHouseGroup LLC for hosting an incredible symposium on modern IT Security concerns within the medical field. The “Inside Job” panelist held an incredible discussion I was not expecting after attending so many conferences. I felt that every discussion topic and the questions asked where extremely relevant to the top concerns any business is facing within the industry. If you are a business owner, information executive, or just want some industry leading advice, this is the place to dive in! I’ll see you folks again soon."

Aaron J. Saulls

COO Meridian Systematics